Gender neutral personality items

In counterpoint to the previous article which focused on personality items which had prominent gender differences, I compiled a list of the most gender neutral personality items. Each of the following items shows no gender preference (i.e. men and women score the same, on average).

I am a little superficial.
I carry the conversation to a higher level.
I am very unique.
I am sometimes full of thoughts, ideas, and images in my mind.
I am not very good at delaying gratification.
I act according to my conscience.
I think the world is a dangerous place.
I wish I understood the world better.
I can't control my romantic thoughts.
I can say things beautifully.
I never fantasize about the best case scenario.
I am a bit of a snob when it comes to my artistic tastes.
I go after what I want.
I am not an extraordinary person.
I am a good loser.
I am a social chameleon.
I am defensive.
I dislike changes.
I am easily calmed down by others.
I believe that planning ahead makes things turn out better.
I believe that there are universal truths.
My conscious thought filter is not very good
I defend my own beliefs.
I like the world to reflect me.
I sabotage myself.
I would never accept a bribe, even if it were very large.
I'm very optimistic.
I tend to be the more interested party at the start of a romantic relationship.
I am extraverted.
I am open to new experience.
I am conscientious.
My friends are always challenging me to be better.
My parents were always challenging me to be better growing up.
I feel entitled to more of everything.
I would like to be seen driving around in a very expensive car.
I ask for help.
I prioritize maximizing my happiness.
I act very nice/friendly to people but deep down I'm very hateful of others.
I have a responsibility to challenge my friends to be better.
I cultivate my enthusiasm.
I change things.
I try new things.
I tend to sacrifice present enjoyment for future gain/reward.
When I'm unhappy, I make changes to my life.
I engage in violence/aggression.
I associate with difficult people.
I avoid contact with others.
I focus on conserving energy.
I sometimes really want to kill people.
I'm naturally in a state of low stimulation and seek external sources of stimulation, like social interaction, to reach an optimal level of arousal.
I experience positive emotions frequently.
I prefer to bounce my ideas off others to refine my thoughts and gain clarity.
I view myself as an energizer or catalyst in social settings.
I'm on a very exciting life path but I'm not exactly sure where it's heading.
I sometimes lie to come off as less appealing.
I pretend to be less successful than I am.
I don't want to be romantically attractive to anyone.
My focus in life is maximizing my energy level.
I tend to focus on the future.
Rank matters.
It's very important that I admire my romantic partner.
I'm prone to addiction.
I don't like disturbances to the social order.
I only care about being liked by my preferred small subculture.
I'm more focused on my internal thoughts and feelings than the external world.
Overt religious symbols have no place in public.
I like to show off.
I charm therefore I am.
I care about people liking me just enough for me to live a happy and safe life but no more.
I feel like I always have to have someone to hook up with (even if I would never date them) to feel normal.
Attention from the gender I'm attracted to is very important to me.
I want the highest social esteem possible.
I have fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence.
Each ethnic group should have its own place.
I like to represent my tribe.
My self obsession has a lot of upsides.
If someone hurts my friends I feel like it's an attack on me.
I probably wouldn't work well with a romantic partner who didn't like my conservative values.
I despise people who think they are above me.
I get a huge ego boost from being better than other people. 
I show off therefore I am.
I respect peoples boundaries.
I'm a public person.
I'm very targeted in my social interactions.
I have ADHD.
I operate mostly by instinct.
When it comes to people that dislike me, I tend to scrub them from my life.
The most important quality in a life partner is someone who shares my love for experimenting.
I'm ambivalent about money.
It's uncomfortable for me to yield to the will of another.
I have come close to dying.
I am cold.
I would not date someone that made me feel less than.
The most important quality in a life partner is someone who shares my love of relaxation.
It's important to have external guidance.
I would not date someone that ever made me feel less than.
Real adventure is accomplished internally.
Real adventure is accomplished externally.
I like to know how I rank compared to others.
I'm obsessed with how people are ordered socially.
Attention equals resources.
Attention equals power.
It's normal to reflect back to the public whatever they want to hear.
When a police person breaks the law they should get a harsher punishment than normal.
I have main character syndrome.
I manipulate others to get my way.
I avoid direct conflict with people who may be useful to me in the future.
I am especially motivated towards making friends with famous people.
When I want something, I go out and get it without much fear.
I prefer still to sparkling water.
I think everything is a joke.
I often think about what could go wrong in any situation.
I do not instantly trust people or their intentions until they prove they are trustworthy.
I focus a lot on protecting myself and my loved ones from the dangers of this world.
Most people think I'm a real optimist.
I take a long time to have a new creative solution to a problem.
When working in a team I'd be happy to let another person make decisions about how to divide a large sum of our money.
I am rarely skeptical.
I believe there is advanced life in other areas of the universe (as complex/sentient as humans or more so) .
I don't get a lot or work done on a daily basis.
I like getting others to help me.
I'm more a character actor type than a leading actor type.
I'd prefer an off-camera job to an on-camera job.
You can't improve what you don't measure.
I like to go on float trips.
Politicians are looking out for the best interests of people.
I have stolen a small item from a store.
I'm interested in what's off about everything.
Honor is everything.
Stillness is the key.
If my country was taken over and I thought there was no hope to reverse that I would align myself to the new leaders / order of things.
I tend to fall in love very quickly.
I believe in God.
I believe there is life in other areas of the universe.
Labor unions are important.
There are a lot of legitimate conspiracies the mainstream media avoids covering.
I complain when the service is bad.
It's hard for me to enjoy environments that are divey.
The attractive / desirable external appearance of something is not remotely a reliable indication of its value.
Statistics lie.
Countries are the same as corporations.
All that glitters is not gold.
I tend to take the leadership role in any group I'm in.
Each ethnic group should stay in its own place.
I don't like new things.
I was a pretty compliant kid.
Physical punishment (such as spanking) is an appropriate way to discipline children.
I have no idea how my current path will end up.
I would love to be royalty.

Some of the gender neutral items above seem to be linked to artistic, intellectual, paranoid, and narcissistic tendencies. Artistic types (and intellectuals too) do seem to be less gender typical in personality and appearance. Narcissists in their efforts to achieve may have to appeal to both men and women. I'll have to look into the meaning of this list more.

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