Global 5 Primary Type Descriptions

social | reserved | limbic | calm | organized | unstructuredaccommodating egocentric | non-curious | inquisitive

(11.2% of women; 9.3% of men)

does not use ideas and tools to transform understanding, not analytical, does not enjoy imaginatively playing with interconnections and patterns, underachiever, dislikes science fiction, weak connection to mind, does not look for hidden meaning in things, search for identity has not played a big role in their life, not nerdy, more sensual than intellectual, not mystical, not big on art house movies, does not prefer technical careers (law, engineering, medicine), not particularly introspective, not skilled at fixing things, not a loner

*the descriptions listed here are made up of personality items people who scored high on this type scored higher on the above items compared to the average. (more info on construction )

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favored careers:

hair stylist, beautician, makeup artist, stay at home parent, wedding planner, secretary, receptionist, shop assistant, fashion merchandiser, fashion industry, child care worker, personal assistant, home maker, stylist, dental assistant, athletic trainer, preschool teacher, fashion editor, cashier, sports management, retail employee, athlete, nanny, fashion designer, office assistant, waiter, housekeeper, model, flight attendant, dance, sales associate, pediatric nurse, probation officer, midwife, shop owner, real estate agent, bank teller, kindergarten teacher, hotel manager, plumber, early childhood educator, customer service employee, dental hygienist

disfavored careers:

philosopher, philosophy professor, scholar, scientist, academic, college professor, research scientist, researcher, author, strategist, novelist, psychoanalyst, freelance writer, research psychologist, diplomat, psychotherapist, ambassador, genetics researcher, political scientist, astronomer, anthropologist, psychiatrist, theologian

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