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Personality Changes with Age (Physical Activity and Obesity)

I've been crunching a lot of the data from the Global Advanced Personality Test of late.   This is the first article in a series on the personality traits and/or physical traits that apparently show change as we age.   Due to the limits of my sample set, I'm limiting myself to the 15-44 age period.  That's where most of my data lies as that's the main demographic of this website.  I do have data from older people but not enough for statistically valid results (as yet).  The sample sizes range from 400 - 2000 per gender per age year for a total sample size of close to 100,000.  I'll try to cover one or two (usually related) traits per article.  The X axis is age.  The Y axis is the raw scoring average of test takers.


Physical Activity Trait

physical activity


Apparently, less physical activity leads to obesity.    Not a big discovery here, but a useful reminder.   I'll add that for all test takers there is a -.212* correlation with Physical Activity/Fitness trait and self rating as overweight.  There's also a .156* correlation between Emotional Stability and the Physical Activity/Fitness trait.  I'll let the Cleveland Clinic take over from here - recommended exercise.

*p <.001 significance value


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