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Personality Changes with Age (Religious and Avoidant)

I've been crunching a lot of the data from the Global Advanced Personality Test of late.   This is another article in a series on the personality traits and/or physical traits that apparently show change as we age.   Due to the limits of my sample set, I'm limiting myself to the 15-44 age period.  That's where most of my data lies as that's the main demographic of this website.  I do have data from older people but not enough for statistically valid results (as yet).  The sample sizes range from 400 - 2000 per gender per age year for a total sample size of close to 100,000.  I'll try to cover one or two (usually related) traits per article.  The X axis is age.  The Y axis is the raw scoring average of test takers.


Religious trait

religiousSo, from fifteen till age forty there is a bowl curve for both males and females.   Females self rate as lowest on religiousness at the age of 25 in my sample.  Males hit their religious nadir at 33.   Except for two brief periods of gender religious synchrony at age sixteen and twenty five, females tend to be consistently more religious.   Further, from age twenty five to forty four the margin between female and male religiousness grows ever wider.

Avoidant trait

avoidantAvoidant behavior is characterized by a sense of separation from others.    This trait shows the opposite pattern as the Religious trait, showing up as a bell curve between the fifteen and forty four.    The gender differences for this trait are fairly small.    Younger males are less avoidant than females, whereas older males are a bit more avoidant than females.

Intellectual trait

intellectualThe Intellectual trait even better mirrors the Religious trait showing both the bell pattern and an increasing gender gap (though the gap is not as significant).    Men and women are at their least religious at the same age period as they are at their most Intellectual.  The tree of knowledge does seem to be at odds with religious belief.



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