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Big Five Personality Test

The bulk of academic research points to five purely independent personality elements (Big Five). "Only five" in the sense that every other personality trait will have some correlation to one or more of these five key traits (If anyone discovers any traits that don't, expect to see a Big 6 or higher). "Independent" in the sense that what you score on one independent element says nothing about what you will score on another independent element. Most personality traits are dependent meaning what you score on one element will predict, to some degree, how you will score on certain other traits. This is why personality systems with dependent traits are not very efficient. The Global 5 personality system is based on the five proven independent elements. The Global 5 adaptation of the Big Five consists of Extroversion, Emotional Stability, Orderliness, Accommodation, and Intellect. These elements make up the primary colors of personality; the interaction of elements in each person yields their overall personality profile.

Each element has two oppositional type extremes:

Extroversion - Social and Reserved type
--Social types feel at ease interacting with to others
--Reserved types are uncomfortable and/or disinterested with social interaction

Emotional Stability - Limbic and Calm type
--Limbic types are prone to moodiness
--Calm types maintain level emotions

Orderliness - Organized and Unstructured type
--Organized types are focused
--Unstructured types are scattered

Accommodation - Accommodating and Egocentric type
--Accommodating types live for others
--Egocentric types live for themselves

Intellect - Non-curious and Inquisitive type
--Non-curious types are less intellectually driven
--Inquisitive types are insatiable in their quest to know more

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