is a resource for personality tests and personality psychology. Currently, there are a number of personality tests online (MOTIVES test, R-Drive test, Enneagram test, Advanced Enneagram, Compatibility test, Jung, Big 5, Personality Disorder test and others).

All the tests at are developed based on scientific measures used to ensure test validity. Statistical measures are used to ensure test questions measure what they are intended to measure. Some of the tests are experimental/beta versions but even those tests are made up of pre-tested and validated questions, they just won't be as tuned/refined as a non beta test. For more test info click here.

I periodically change the test questions (based on my ongoing research) or add new tests so check back and retake the tests on occasion.

After more than twenty years of researching/experimenting with different systems, both conventional and unconventional, I've constructed the MOTIVES personality system which is basically an enhanced revision of the Big Five personality system (the main academic personality model). You can think of it as the primary colors of personality. With the seven MOTIVES 'colors' you can explain/understand any personality system (Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, etc.), type, orientation, behavior, disorder, etc.. (Although there are some limitations when attempting to explain unclear, inconsistent, fundamentally irrational personality systems.) This is the basis for the new ALLinONE personality test. For a comprehensive chart which shows how most of the personality types/traits measured here inter-relate, click here

For the last few years I've been tracking the user location of personality tests taken on this site so as to gather data on geographic personality differences on nine core personality traits (Materialism, Offbeat, Thinking, Interpersonal, Vital, Easygoing, Sectarian, Scientific, and Artistic). You can now view that data in sortable/searchable spreadsheets here - I've omitted countries/regions/cities where there was not enough records to reach a level of reasonable statistical significance (below 1000 records), but the database as a whole is now over two million records.

I'm available as a consultant (custom personality test development or for other personality related projects), I can be reached via the contact link below.

If you are interested in partnering on personality research projects, I can be reached via the contact link below.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a bloody mess, how can I fix that? Start working on the following two things
1. mental/existential health
2. physical/organic health

My test results are not working when I submit them? If you are using auto translate this causes a problem so open two versions of the test questions page, one non-translated and one translated and answer on the non-translated page using the translated page for reference.

Are the tests free? yes, provided you take them directly on the similarminds website

Can I post a link to your tests on my website? yes

Can I have a paper version of one of your tests? I have a MOTIVES ultra short form test and longer 21 item test. These tests are based on the dominant academic personality model (the Big 5) and my own research. You can access it here (an answer key is included). A comprehensive Google doc on the MOTIVES personality system can be accessed here.

Can I use one of your tests on my website or in some other way? Not without my permission (although you can link to any test without permission). Email your requests/proposals to me. If you want to use a test for academic research (or a school project), the MOTIVES test is available, just email me your proposal.

- Tim Flynn