Global 5 Type Descriptions

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withdrawn, loner, moody, dislikes crowds, avoidant, not big on fun, socially unskilled, not that interested in others, overwhelmed by unpleasant feelings frequently, depressed, requires lots of time alone to recharge, socially awkward, hard to get to know, feels defective, averse to change, low self confidence, dislikes small talk, dislikes touchy feely types, private, not prone to complimenting others, driven by own personal gain, pessimistic, self absorbed, indifferent to the feelings of others, does not easily forgive, inflexible, skeptical, embarrassed easily, tense, lower energy level, attracted to things associated with sadness, very suspicious of others, does not believe in human goodness, interested in intellectual pursuits, does not put the welfare of others ahead of self, lonely, not known for generosity, unadventurous, doubting, quick to judge others, discontent, hard to understand, wounded at the core, believes in a logical answer for everything, worrying, uncooperative, agnostic/atheist tendencies, has anxiety, not physically affectionate with most people, feels second place is not good enough, frustrated when people don't live up to expectations

*the descriptions listed here are made up of personality items. people who scored high on this type scored higher on the above items compared to the average. (more info on construction)

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favored careers:

researcher, scientist, research scientist, scholar, academic, librarian, historian, university professor, astronomer, data analyst, book editor, research assistant, library assistant, genetics researcher, novelist, philosopher, analyst, systems analyst, bookseller, computer scientist, archivist, biotechnology, mathematician, statistician, neurologist, policy analyst, author, museum curator, biologist, strategist, philosophy professor, copy editor, biochemist, research psychologist, technical writer, geneticist, environmental scientist, history professor, archeology, aerospace engineer, information technology, political scientist, physicist, editor, art historian, anthropologist, botanist, forensic scientist, medical researcher, publisher, forensic anthropologist, egyptologist, freelance writer, paleontologist, biomedical engineer, microbiologist, ecologist, geologist, software developer, software engineer, virologist, computer programmer, chemist, engineer

disfavored careers:

bartender, entertainer, childcare worker, radio dj, event coordinator, performer, bar owner, comedian, actor, coach, part of the recording industry, sports management, social services, salesman

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