Global 5 Type Descriptions

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socially unskilled, unable to speak up for self, depressed, low self confidence, afraid of providing criticism, discontent, negative, apologetic, not a leader, quiet around strangers, prone to lateness, easy to fool, low energy level, easily distracted, feels defective, avoids crowds, avoids unnecessary social interaction, easy to persuade, avoidant, anxious, worrying, pessimist, unambitious, private, dependent, easily hurt, self loathing, frequently overwhelmed by unpleasant emotions, dislikes the spotlight, afraid to draw attention to self, fearful, weak sense or purpose, easily discouraged, lonely, not punctual, finishes work late, unadventurous, uninterested in science, prone to panic, easily embarrassed, happy doing mindless work, unproductive, loner, embarrassed by praise, prone to tears, easy to influence, feels unattractive, uncompetitive, modest, apprehensive about new encounters, second guesses self, feels untalented, not big on philosophical discussions, hesitant, undemanding, overly nice, avoids being a bother to anyone

*the descriptions listed here are made up of personality items. people who scored high on this type scored higher on the above items compared to the average. (more info on construction)

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favored careers:

childcare worker, stay at home parent, hair dresser, florist, nanny, veterinarian, comic book artist, kindergarten teacher, housekeeper, zoo keeper, home maker, baker, social worker, makeup artist, musician, cosmetologist, poet, midwife, hair stylist, library assistant, librarian, bookstore owner or employee, veterinary tech, pastry chef, beautician, tatto artist, art therapist, photographer, fashion designer, freelance artist, cartoonist, body piercer, shop assistant, graphic artist, pediatric nurse, songwriter, elementary school teacher, school counselor, costume designer, music educator, counselor, missionary, cashier, photo journalist, music therapist, camera operator, flight attendant, digital artist, special education teacher, career in the non profit sector, art teacher, nurse practitioner, retail employee, nurse, horse trainer, receptionist, illustrator, record store owner or employee, zoologist, youth minister, computer animator, theater technician, child psychologist, massage therapist, school psychologist, artist, secretary

disfavored careers:

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