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Motivation: To return to an inorganic state
Purpose: Death drive/instinct
Conflict: pessimism/apathy vs. optimism/motivation
Historic antecedents: Freudian Death vs. Life instinct; Learned Helplessness
Historic example: Sylvia Plath
Film example: Leaving Las Vegas
Counter example: Viktor Frankl
Characteristics: self hating, sad, inclined to think life is not worth living, feels lost, frequently unhappy for no particular reason, feels trapped in body, not comfortable with self, feels they have little control over life, cannot make it a week without feeling unhappy, pessimistic, has exaggeratedly negative beliefs about themself, feels people would not like them if they really knew them, feels defective, anxious, self-conscious, feels like no one really knows them, hides who they really are from others, feels unable to change their circumstances (learned helplessness), pervasive feeling that something is missing inside them, unrelenting feeling of not being wanted, doesn't know what will make them happy, more reserved than outgoing, has suicidal thoughts and/or impulses, feels like they are just surviving, has identity issues, lacks will power, easily discouraged, feels uncomfortable around others, doesn't trust their own judgement, feels like an outsider

The following items all had statistically significant factor loadings (similar to correlations) on the Depressive drive:

Depressive items | factor score
I struggle with depression. 780
I don't like being alive. 740
I am upset. 735
I don't prioritize being positive. 729
I am distressed. 707
I have a need for life to be over. 722
I have a need to self destruct. 718
I'm depressed that everything in my life is the same. 710
I can't trust others. 700
I have a need to be pessimistic. 700
I hate that I am not more positive. 701
I have a nervous disposition. 692
I'm depressed that my life lacks novelty. 690
I have a death wish. 687
I am not in the mood for anything. 681
I find it difficult to engage in social interaction even with my close friends. 670
I don't trust others. 664
I am poisonous. 662
I tend to have a lot of anxiety. 650
I am intensely bitter. 629
Intimacy makes me uncomfortable. 620
I have a need to see the glass as half empty. 620
I am attracted to negativity. 610
I avoid unnecessary interaction. 610
Intimacy makes me feel too vulnerable. 610
My feelings of inadequacy lead me to be withdrawn, socially inhibited, and feel socially inept. 610
I sometimes want to burn the whole world to the ground. 608
I'm depressed that I'm not attractive enough. 603
People often make fun of me behind my back. 600
I require lots of time alone to recharge. 592
I struggle with wanting to define myself, but not really being able to. 590
I'm afraid that once a romantic partner gets to know me, he or she won't like who I really am. 590
I find fault with everything. 589
I tend to be paranoid. 586
I value solitude immensely. 567
I sometimes spend too much time reflecting and don't move into action quickly enough. 560
I hate how predictable my life is. 558
I'm afraid of rejection. 550
I like being with myself more than socialising with others. 550
Life is unfair. 550
I am fearful. 550
I have a fake persona. 540
I have no close friends. 540
I hate how conventional I am. 539
I am my failures. 532
I am an invalid. 527
I am a recluse. 517
I'm depressed that I'm not learning anything new. 512
Everything feels like the most extreme or the least extreme to me. 510
I like to be numb. 503
I'm afraid of commitment. 500
I have a history of being the lesser party in unequal friendships. 480
I find it difficult to approach others. 480
I hate that I'm sickly. 476
I seldom enjoy other people. 440
I'm never the right temperature. 430
I'm undeveloped. 433
I have a lot of mental chatter. 410
I've ended relationships by just never talking to the person again without any explanation. 407
I did not fit in growing up. 403
I prefer not to show a partner how I feel deep down. 400
I never know what people want. 400
I feel physically sore a lot. 391
Blank-slate would be a good description of me. 391
I only have one close friend. 390
I am very introspective. 342
I take anti-depressant medication. 330
I should be more generous. 323
People will trade quality for ease every time. 310
I can't control my eating. 310
I don't like to be rushed 306
I should take more risks. 300
I was bullied growing up. 294
Second place doesn't feel much different than last place to me. 291
I have a learning disability. 290
I have trouble tuning out noise (like the ticking of a clock) when I am going to sleep. 280
Novice would be a good description of me. 276
When talking with friends, I avoid topics that are unpleasant for me. 270
I need my down time. 256
I should care more about getting enough rest. 247
Internal serenity is overrated. 231
I have trouble telling my left from my right. 220
I prefer texting or emailing rather than speaking on the phone. 220
My country's involvement in the global economy has been a bad thing. 196
Minimalist would be a good description of me. 181

*for a low score assume the opposite of the above. the descriptions listed here are made up of personality items. people who scored high on this type scored higher on the above items compared to the average. (more info on construction)
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