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Interpersonal (Othercentric)

*Withholding types will tend towards the opposite of the characteristics below

High scoring Interpersonal testimonials
Low scoring Interpersonal testimonials

Motivation: To be of service to others
Purpose: Interpersonal connection
Conflict: look out for others vs. look out for self
Historic antecedent: Golden Rule
Historic example: Mother Teresa
Film example: Oskar Schindler (Schindler's List)
Counter example: Roman Emperor Nero
Characteristics: puts others first, generous, concerned about others, feels responsible for others feelings, will compassionately take on others needs as their own, sympathetic, finds helping others rewarding, pleasing others makes them happy, tries to please everyone, believes that others needs are as important (if not more so) than their own, passionate, would rather hurt self than others (masochistic), makes people feel welcome, has trouble saying no to people, has a good word for everyone, values the welfare of strangers, nice, warm, loves children, very family oriented, values humanitarian causes, honest, believes that others have good intentions, treats others as they want to be treated, accountable, interested in a career in social work, devoted to those they care about, accommodating, has a great need to improve the world, happy, never too busy to help a friend, deeply moved by the hardships of others, trusting, lives to create beautiful things, team player, dislikes disagreement, family-centric, wants to impress their parents, can't do without the company of others, reliant on assurances from others, has very strong emotions, loyal to the tradition/values they were raised with, honors promises to others, more likely to be religious, romantic, instinctive (more)

The following items all had statistically significant factor loadings (similar to correlations) on the Interpersonal drive:

Healthy items | Interpersonal factor score / Vital factor score
My life's work is helping others. 738/187
I am very compassionate, cooperative, warm, and caring to others. .71/.41
I excel at taking care of people. 676/182
I love how considerate I am to others. 670/234
Nurturer would be a good description of me. 661/176
I'm really good at helping people. 647/217
I love how helpful I am to others. 638/257
I give. 655/208
I believe happiness can be achieved through generosity. 642/202
I like being helpful. 587/175
I deeply care about community. 579/269
I caretake. 569/171
I take others' interests into account. 563/165
I show faith in people. 551/301
Every person matters. 521/280
I am willing to forgive others. .50/.41
I help my family. 500/260
I help my group. 500/220
My legacy is the lives I have touched. 494/229
Every one of us has greatness. .46/.54
No fortress can substitute for the trust of the people. xxxiv .44/.32
My primary goal is to maximize positivity. .42/.60
Positivity is everything. 380/420
I see human nature in a positive light. 320/540

Average Health items | Interpersonal factor score
I am preoccupied with serving others. 830
I am compelled to put others first. 828
I am preoccupied with helping others. 820
I must help others. 820
I have a need to help everyone. 806
I put others first. 790
I often sacrifice myself for others. 768
The happiness of others is more important than my happiness. 767
When I can't help others I feel unhappy. 760
I value emotional sentiment / personal relationships over mental logic / rationality. 760
I'm the type of person who will always sacrifice their happiness for someone else's. 749
I am compelled to sacrifice myself for others. 745
Helper would be a good description of me. 737
I am a slave to the welfare of others. 734
I'll be biased to whatever path best helps others. 730
I sacrifice myself for others. 721
Feelings are more important than facts. 720
I have a need to completely feel the emotions of others. 716
My self esteem is tied to my ability to help others. 713
I am preoccupied with the welfare of others. 710
Caretaker would be a good description of me. 702
I prioritize others more than myself. 693
I care about others. 690
I have a need to be generous to everyone. 688
I compromise and adjust to others needs and desires. 686
I tend to select the life path that would make others happiest. 680
I would rather help others be great than be great individually. 674
I value compassion over analytical reasoning. 670
Being empathetic is the foundation of my personality. 667
The thought of hurting someone's feelings crushes me. 658
My love of others defines me. 656
Other people's feelings are my feelings. 643
I strongly feel the happiness or sadness of others. 631
I believe that making people happy is more important than making money. 630
Empathy is everything. 630
Service is more important than self. 625
I self-sacrifice. 618
I feel happiness and sadness through the happiness and sadness of others. 617
I want to make someone happy. 614
I think everyone is worth saving. 610
When things are disorganized I feel off. 600
I am extremely sentimental. 580
Friendship means me really caring about and supporting my friends. 570
I primarily feel happiness and sadness through the happiness and sadness of others. 568
Short of putting myself in danger, I will help pretty much anyone, good or bad. 566
I always say yes to requests for help. 560
Not being able to help others makes me less of a person. 560
I'm biased to whatever path best helps my loved ones. 560
I believe in being generous and forgiving, especially toward a rival or less powerful person. 560
If someone I'm barely friends with asks for help moving, I say yes. 550
I will help someone who hasn't been good to me if I think it will make the world better. 550
It's important to be considerate of everyone's feelings, not just loved ones. 550
I feel a lot of sympathy for those who are worse off than myself. 541
I tend to applaud the successes of other people. 540
Spending money on others makes me happier than spending money on myself. 540
I have a need to completely understand others. 533
I don't like selfishness. 533
I try to be considerate even to really bad people. 530
Being more considerate can set me apart from those around me. 527
I usually apologize after an argument. 525
I like to apologize after an argument. 522
I have a need to feel the happiness or sadness of others. 521
I try to help people even if they do not want my help. 516
I'm attentive to others. 510
I don't say no to people. 502
When others feel lost I feel lost. 500
When you have nothing is when you need to give. 499
I believe in returning favors. 480
I believe happiness can be achieved through selflessness. 469
I am nice to people I should be angry at. 442
I apologize after an argument. 440
I've put the well being of a romantic partner ahead of my own. 434
I rarely go out of my way to find time for myself. 430
If a close friend really burned me but apologized, I would give them another chance. 410
I don't like being unhelpful. 407
Love is salvation. 380
The most important quality in a friend is how considerate they are. 378
Most of my closest friends are very considerate of others. 350
Loyalty is everything to me. 310
I am impressed by people more energetic than me. 287
Being attractive to people I'm romantically interested in is more important to me than having a lot of money. 271
I insist on paying for the other person when I go on dates. 270
I'd rather put my trust in the wisdom of ordinary people than the opinions of experts and intellectuals. 253
I think healthcare should be free for everyone. 237
You have to put effort into a romantic relationship. 210
Ordinary people are perfectly capable of deciding for themselves what's true and what's not. 201

Unhealthy items | Interpersonal factor score / Depressive factor score
I'm depressed that I'm not better able to help others. 532/379
I say yes to nearly all requests. 516/172
I've suffered so much I don't want anyone else to suffer. 515/188
I can only feel happiness through the happiness of others. 506/174
The most important quality in a friend is how unconventional they are. 491/168
I can't say no. 432/234
I'll defer to doing what my friends want even if it means missing something I really want to go to. 400/290
I let people laugh at me or make fun at my expense more than I should. 293/282
I tend to like significant others more than I like myself. 295/555
I let people laugh at me or make fun at my expense more than I should. 292/278
I've stayed friends with people who have been neglectful of me. 250/320
I am nervous. 184/694
I am scared. 168/732
I hate that I'm negative. 167/572
I am guilty. 166/634
I am jittery. 163/670
I am ashamed. 156/696

*for a low score assume the opposite of the above. the descriptions listed here are made up of personality items. people who scored high on this type scored higher on the above items compared to the average. (more info on construction)
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