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Thinking (Rationality)

*Emotional types will tend towards the opposite of the characteristics below

High scoring Thinking testimonials
Low scoring Thinking testimonials

Motivation: To make sense of things logically
Purpose: Decision making
Conflict: analysis paralysis vs. irrational impulsiveness
Historic antecedent: Jungian Thinking vs. Feeling
Historic example: Aristotle
Film example: Data (Star Trek)
Counter example: Hunter S. Thompson
Characteristics: analytical, favors what makes sense over what feel right, guided by definitions / logical deduction / reasoning, systematic, finds being logical rewarding, avoids acting when rational reasons don't warrant it, exact, diagnostic, plans their life logically, always knows why they do things, investigative, favors evidence over gut, prefers reality over fantasy, more calm than emotional, professorial, analyzes whatever doesn't fit their understanding, fine tunes concepts to support theories / world view, categorizer, scholarly, expert, tries to identify reasons for actions, more interested in intellectual pursuits than anything else, studied, literal, loves to read challenging material, defined by their intellectual interests, learning machine, doesn't mind isolation, likes to be viewed as proper and conventional, needs to know how things work, purchases only practical things, interested in science, reviews a lot of information to confirm ideas, studious, can be cold, avoids mistakes, academic, takes precautions, not easily affected by emotions, concrete, likes to be though of as normal, complex (more)

The following items all had statistically significant factor loadings (similar to correlations) on the Thinking drive:

Healthy items | Thinking factor score / Vital factor score
I tend to be organized. 767/204
Organizer would be a good description of me. 755/160
I love how organized my life is. 750/200
I work steadily and methodically, with great focus. .73/.32
Planner would be a good description of me. 728/161
I love how structured my life is. 721/194
I'm focused. 672/289
I am self disciplined and intrinsically motivated. 652/269
I am always prepared. 606/158
I love how organized I am. 592/289
I like to get my work done before playing. 590/240
I finish most everything I start. 573/315
I am very consistent. 559/252
I follow through with my plans. 570/240
I have a life plan. 512/252
I tend to sacrifice present enjoyment for future gain/reward. 490/270
It's easy for me to pay attention. 481/258
I work. 360/260
I'm more connected to the physical world than my imagination. 360/370
I enjoyed school. 350/282

Average Health items | Thinking factor score
My life's work is staying organized. 784
I am compelled to be organized. 769
I am compelled to be planned. 767
I am compelled to be structured. 766
I have a need to follow a plan. 765
I prioritize being structured. 751
I am compelled to plan. 750
I am more structured/ordered/scheduled than flexible/loose/adaptable. 740
I am more of a planner than an improviser. 740
Being organized is the foundation of my personality. 739
I have a need to plan things. 739
My life's work is organizing. 732
I have a need for structure. 731
I love how systemized my life is. 731
I have a need for order. 733
I am compelled to organize. 730
I have a need to organize. 723
I desire order. 738
I desire structure. 716
I have a need to be orderly. 712
My life's work is sticking to a plan. 710
I tend to make specific plans before taking action. 710
I am compelled to prepare. 702
I am preoccupied with being organized. 700
Planning is everything. 700
I am preoccupied with planning. 700
I have a need for everything to be organized. 696
I value putting things in an order. 695
I am compelled to be orderly. 684
I'm very procedural. 680
My life's work is planning. 679
Without a plan I feel lost. 670
I have a need to plan everything. 670
I like being orderly. 662
I am always prepared. 661
I start tasks right away. 658
I systemize. 658
I tend to make specific plans before taking action. .657
My life's work is systemizing. 656
When I'm disorganized I feel off. 650
I prefer to keep my spaces clean. 650
I am compelled to be prepared. 648
Planning is the most important thing. 640
Better organizational skills can set me apart from those around me. 635
Having structure gives my life meaning. 632
I do things in a logical order. 629
Systemizer would be a good description of me. 622
I don't like disorder. 621
I want orderliness in my world. 618
I am preoccupied with order. 610
I maintain my spaces in an orderly way. 609
My self esteem is tied to my orderliness. 576
I believe that planning ahead makes things turn out better. 576
I am compelled to order. 569
I don't like being disorganized. 568
I have a need to order things. 563
I am biased towards selecting the most orderly life path. 560
I am methodical. 556
I prefer to keep my spaces clean. 553
I am biased towards selecting the most planned life path. 550
I prefer structured environments to unstructured ones. 540
My behavior and decisions are generally calculated to maximize my safety/security. 530
I like to tidy up. 524
When I'm disorganized I feel not myself. 530
I am very detail oriented. 519
My self esteem is tied to my planning. 518
I am extremely detail oriented. 512
I usually take care of my responsibilities as soon as possible. 512
Finishing a task is more rewarding than trying something new. 510
I am compelled to clean. 507
I don't like being disorderly. 506
I like my daily routine so much that I almost never take breaks. 496
I hate clutter. 495
I am practical. 490
I'm almost always on time. 485
I make lists of things to do. 479
I find finishing chores rewarding. 471
I am exacting in my work. 470
The most important quality in a friend is how organized they are. 470
I find doing chores rewarding. 469
I can't stand clutter. 466
I'm always on time. 458
I am very ritualistic. 450
I tend to value fairness more than feelings. 427
I am concrete. 420
I am biased to whatever path is the most orderly. 420
My decisions involve extensive research. 407
I'm concerned with what is actual, present, current, and real. 390
I have a rational for everything I do. 380
I tend to select the life path that is most congruent to my life plan. 378
I enjoy saving money. 363
No-nonsense would be a good description of me. 359
I tend to get up very early in the morning. 340
There is nothing more important than competence. 330
I'm more likely to select or not select a particular life path based on how reliable it is. 327
I'm a very deliberate person. 323
I like considering every detail because every detail can have a big impact. 309
I take time to compose my texts. 270
I hate being sick. 218
I love stats. 180
I am a homeowner. 180

Unhealthy items | Thinking factor score / Depressive factor score
I hate how overly planned I am. 400/200
I hate how regimented I am. 391/195
I am habit driven. 340/250
I'm very anal retentive. 306/271
I hate how ocd I am. 317/303
What makes mental sense is more important to me than what I feel strongest about. 290/210
I am always guarded. 270/550
I hate how anal I am. 215/381
I'm depressed that I'm so ocd. 194/340

*for a low score assume the opposite of the above. the descriptions listed here are made up of personality items. people who scored high on this type scored higher on the above items compared to the average. (more info on construction)
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