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Motivation: To look out for oneself
Purpose: Self Preservation
Conflict: look out for self vs. look out for others
Historic antecedent: Objectivism
Historic example: Roman Emperor Nero
Film example: Wall Street
Counter example: Mother Teresa
Characteristics: would rather please self than others, inclined to think volunteer work is a waste of time, believes their own happiness and success are more important than the happiness and success of others, takes more than they give, only cares about them-self, more standoff-ish than nice, believes they are the center of their universe, believes that people are things to be used, their ego is bigger than their heart, more likely to be sad than happy, does not believe others have good intentions, tend to be cold people, unaccommodating, considerate of their own feelings but inconsiderate of other peoples, feels no sense of social responsibility, more likely to enjoy hurting others (sadistic), feels justified in getting their way all the time, more likely to be discourteous, lacking in empathy, rarely thinks about what other people think/feel/expect, enjoys lying/duping others, disregards others, looks down on others, unwilling to admit when wrong, dishonest, reveals little about self, dislikes most people, not interested in friendships they can't control, would engage in behavior that was harmful to the world if it benefited them, doesn't like to apologize, untrustworthy, demeaning, self-centered, controlling

The following items all had statistically significant factor loadings (similar to correlations) on the Withholding drive:

Healthy items | WIthholding factor score / Vital factor score
(have not been able to find any thus far)

Average Health items | Withholding factor score
I don't prioritize others more than myself. 632
I don't like sacrificing myself for others. 613
I don't live for others. 592
I like not being self-sacrificing. 544
I don't live for feeling the feelings of others. 526
I would not sacrifice my life for others. 482
I am not my empathy. 340
When making decisions, I prioritize logic and consistency over people and special circumstances. 330
I am somewhat apathetic to the feelings of others. 274
You aren't friends with everyone on the planet, you can't be. 162

Unhealthy items | Withholding factor score / Depressive factor score
I don't have much interest in the feelings of others. 696/171
I don't like putting the needs of others before my own. 692/214
I don't prioritize being helpful. 678/260
I don't like sacrificing myself for others. 632/230
I don't prioritize the welfare of others. 637/247
I don't care about others. 628/314
I don't prioritize being empathetic. 627/245
I don't have much interest in the welfare of others. 618/216
I don't find helping people rewarding. 475/340
I'm less able to feel what others are feeling. 450/288
I do not feel empathy. 440/300
I don't have much interest in others. 438/441
Unaccomodating would be a good description of me. 401/298
I am unwilling or unable to associate in a normal or friendly way with other people. 367/434
I am not my generosity. 345/216
I do not feel love. 290/400
I have no idea what other people's lives feel like. 290/280
I don't value friendship. 280/310
I dislike everything. 261/652
Aloof would be a good description of me. 245/444
I alternate between very nice and very mean. 224/410
I am full of hatred. 186/730
I should care more about others. 183/360
I don't prioritize being optimistic. 182/655
No one gives anything without expecting something in return. 177/424
I prefer thinking it's all pointless. 173/721
Scrooge would be a good description of me. 173/500

*for a low score assume the opposite of the above. the descriptions listed here are made up of personality items. people who scored high on this type scored higher on the above items compared to the average. (more info on construction)
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