MOTIV Personality Trait Descriptions

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Motivation: To maintain vigilance, high alert
Purpose: Avoiding danger
Conflict: Alertness vs exhaustion
Historic antecedent: Choleric
Historic example: Paul Revere
Film example: Batman
Counter example: The Dude (Big Lebowski)
Characteristics: doesn't priority relaxation, not easy going, does not value calm, doesn't have a tranquil nature, tends to be high strung, not even tempered, easily agitated, has no chill, tense

The following items all had statistically significant factor loadings (similar to correlations) on the Rigid drive:

Healthy items | Rigid factor score / Vital factor score
(have not been able to find any thus far)

Average Health items | Rigid factor score
I don't prioritize relaxation, taking-it-easy. 346
Few would describe me as easy going. 343
I don't value calm. 314

Unhealthy items | Rigid factor score / Depressive factor score
No one would describe me as easy going. 589/253
I am unrelaxed. 562/437
I am compelled to be unrelaxed. 535/375
I don't have a tranquil nature. 501/263
I don't prioritize being relaxed. 494/259
Tense would be a good description of me. 474/488
I don't relax much. 463/315
I don't prioritize being calm. 434/298
I don't prioritize calm. 430/184
High strung would be a good description of me. 366/348
I don't like being relaxed. 329/203
I'm easily agitated. 335/437
I should relax more. 321/294
I'm not even-tempered. 318/310
Pessimist would be a good description of me. 234/760
I hate that I am not more tranquil. 216/585
I don't value relaxation. 193/208
I don't prioritize tranquility. 172/248

*for a low score assume the opposite of the above. the descriptions listed here are made up of personality items. people who scored high on this type scored higher on the above items compared to the average. (more info on construction)
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