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Offbeat (Unconventional)

*Conventional types will tend towards the opposite of the characteristics below

High scoring Offbeat testimonials
Low scoring Offbeat testimonials

Motivation: To find new ways to do things
Purpose: Knowledge selection/discovery
Conflict: new ways vs. status quo/old ways
Historic antecedent: Jungian Intuition vs. Sensing
Historic example: Albert Einstein
Film example: Che Guevara (Motorcycle Diaries)
Counter example: Robert E. Lee
Characteristics: not big on customs/traditions, has a strong need for individuality, anti-status quo, revolutionary, their ideas sometimes surprise people, does things others find strange, obscure, non-conformist, peculiar, considered to be eccentric by others, abstract, lives life on own terms, alternative, experimental, artistic, rebels for the sake of rebellion (i.e. even when it doesn't make sense), good at making impromptu speeches, has take frequent stands in the face of strong opposition, inclined to do the opposite of what others want them to do, good at coming up with something new, radical, discordant thinker, complex, crazy, wild, atypical, idiosyncratic, likes losing them-self in things, random, often acts on the spur of the moment, creative, likes to do frightening things, improviser, seeks out the patterns of the universe, feels best taking risks, main motivation is to be different, feels attracted to the mysterious, prefers variety to routine, has a vivid imagination, spontaneous, breaks the rules, prone to excess, intense, mystical (more)

The following items all had statistically significant factor loadings (similar to correlations) on the Offbeat drive:

Healthy items | Offbeat factor score / Vital factor score
I face danger confidently. 619/162
I love how risk taking I am. 699/184
I live to do things I haven't done before. 658/204
I explore. 628/198
Explorer would be a good description of me. 626/166
I change things. 612/182
I innovate. 596/254
I challenge. 586/168
Pioneer would be a good description of me. 586/195
I like to originate new methods. 568/159
I love trying all kinds of new things 540/272
I live in the state of anything is possible. 507/288
I am brave. 490/320
I have a strong desire to pursue my life interests. 453/373
I see myself as a part of the universe. 250/230
I'm progressive. 398/196
I feel powerful on the inside. 387/433
My interests are my life. 367/212
I believe in the impossible. 358/200
Every fall, set back, is an opportunity to get up, move forward. 273/611
I have a strong desire to be alive. 240/618
I am unflappable. 225/391
I frequently exercise until I'm very sore. 203/186

Average Health items | Offbeat factor score
Experimenter would be a good description of me. 765
I am preoccupied with discovery. 724
I am preoccupied with experimenting. 700
I am a slave to experimenting. 698
I am a slave to trying new things. 698
I prioritize testing limits. 685
I prefer to pursue the unknown. 680
Experimenting is everything. 680
I am extremely interested in abstract ideas. 680
I feel best when I am taking risks. 676
I am preoccupied with exploring. 672
I want to challenge my world. 668
I am explorative. 660
I am a slave to taking chances. 659
I am defined by new ideas. 652
I am compelled to experiment. 652
Existing to discover new ideas/truths is my identity. 650
I am more imagination based than reality based. 650
I am encoded to immerse myself in the unknown. 642
Revolutionary would be a good description of me.
Being more experimental can set me apart from those around me. 635
I seek new techniques. 630
I am biased towards selecting the most experimental life path. 630
I am preoccupied with being challenged. 624
I greatly appreciate strangeness. 620
I prefer abstract discussions to concrete discussions. 620
I risk everything on my life passions. 620
I face danger confidently. 619
I try everything just to see what will stick. 617
I risk everything on my life passions. 617
I experiment on myself. 615
I pioneer. 610
I am compelled to be different. 610
I frequently come up with ideas/solutions out of nowhere. 610
I live to explore things for the sake of exploring things. 603
I am preoccupied with exploring. 600
I'm more comfortable being different. 600
I subsist on discovery. 597
I am always trying to change things up. 594
I go against the grain. 592
I live by my ideas. 590
I focus far more on possibilities than present reality. 590
I am a slave to curiosity. 588
My self esteem is tied to how much I satisfy my curiosity. 588
I would hate to be on the typical life path. 582
The unusual is everything. 580
I like to develop or be the first to use or apply a new method, area of knowledge, or activity. 572
I am preoccupied with discovery. 570
I don't need to do what others will, I need to do what others won't. 568
I seek out the patterns of the universe. 560
I'm always wanting to experience something novel. 556
I prefer art that puts me in a transcendent state. 550
I want to alter society. 546
I have a need to always pursue my curiosity. 545
I have a need to discover. 545
As soon as I'm not learning something, I change things up. 544
I am compelled to be challenging. 544
I am preoccupied with transforming myself. 540
I am compelled to diverge. 534
I want to change society. 533
I prefer art that is other worldly. 530
I favor the surreal. 530
I am preoccupied with being inquiring. 529
I usually go against the grain. 524
I am preoccupied with possibility. 520
I break away from traditions. 519
I am preoccupied with change. 517
I want to hunt for the 'whys' and dissect the 'hows'. 513
I am highly creative. 510
I will pursue my interests/passions even if it means ending up a poor failure. 510
I am preoccupied with being challenged. 510
I love the uncertainty of what will happen. 510
I would rather be rich in ideas than money. 510
I am original. 510
I am a slave to change. 502
It saddens me when everything is the same. 501
I am opportunistic.
I take comments that I'm odd/weird as a compliment and validation that I'm living my life right, and staying true to myself. 500
I am frequently overcome with a boldness and desire to accomplish a particular thing. 500
I am a slave to learning new things. 497
I'm most comfortable in the unknown. 496
The most important quality in a friend is how much I can help them. 494
I invent. 493
I live to experience transcendent states. 493
Change is everything. 490
I am imaginative at the expense of observation. 490
I do not back down when threatened. 490
I'll try anything once. 489
I would hate to be conventional. 488
I am compelled to be curious. 486
You never really know where the edge of yourself is unless you go over it. 483
I am a slave to reinventing myself. 485
I am preoccupied with reinvention. 480
I find theoretical physics interesting. 480
I invent. 480
I'm at best when everyone is against me. 480
I frequently come up with ideas/solutions out of nowhere. 478
I've always gone my own way without following the current. 470
I like to be an outlaw. 470
I am preoccupied with being different. 469
I'm always varying aspects of my lifestyle. 466
The most important quality in a friend is how curious they are. 465
My greatest value is how curious I am. 463
My self esteem is tied to my cleverness. 463
My goal is to make the largest dent in the universe that I can. 462
I am creative. 460
I want to live a philosophical life. 454
I am preoccupied with being novel. 450
I love confrontation. 450
My self esteem is tied to my ideas. 446
Seeker would be a good description of me. 441
I want a hard life. 437
The most important things to me have been ideas and/or artistic creations. 437
I operate mainly by trial and error. .435
I am preoccupied with creativity. 430
I am searching for new values. 430
Sometimes you just have to jump in to make things happen. 430
I self author. 429
I don't like being like everyone else. .424
Without the unknown I feel off. 420
I chase answers. 420
My self esteem is tied to my ingenuity. 418
I spend a lot of my time investigating. 411
I'm an outlier, and I think that's a good thing. 410
Evolution is everything. 410
Life is best understood in metaphor. 400
My identity is my discovering nature. 400
I prefer the most philosophical path. 400
I am driven by a need to understand things. 399
My life interests define me. 394
All I care about is originality. 393
I don't like things that are too accessible. 390
Spartan would be a good description of me. 387
I am unwilling to be controlled. 380
I would enjoy moving every six months. 370
I trust impressions, symbols, and metaphors more than what I actually experienced. 370
I do not follow any one tradition but select and use different elements from many different traditions. 366
I require little down time. 364
I do not follow any one culture but select and use different elements from many different cultures. 353
The most important metric for me in choosing a life path is how interesting it is. 352
I am a slave to novelty. 342
Uniqueness is scarce on the market and therefore has higher value. 341
I'm in the trenches, fighting. 340
You can always dig deeper. 330
I value ambition in others. 330
I believe in patterns. 323
I ask a lot of questions. 320
I speak a second language fluently. 320
Any medium, taken to its ultimate or logical extreme may be indistinguishable from magic. 313
I like being hyper alert. .310
I am preoccupied by what's possible. 310
Life problems are a good thing. 310
I tend to only do things that will make me better at my passion. 310
I'm never still. 310
I enjoy stress. 309
In ancient times I would have wanted to be a shaman. 303
I am driven by artistic impulses above all others. 300
I am alert. 294
I am uncomfortable being in a subordinate position. 293
I have a need to figure things out from first hand experience. 290
I have a large vocabulary. 290
I like taking personality tests. 290
The most important quality in a friend is how much I can learn from them. 285
The goal of art is to return contemporary experience to a state of magic or the poetic. 283
I like going to concerts alone. 280
I practise tough love. 280
I don't like music that's too accessible. 280
When I was young I bullied others. 280
I love to read challenging material. 276
I have magical thoughts. 272
I refuse to be politically correct. 259
I'm concerned mainly with broadening my general knowledge and experience, rather than with technical or professional training. 249 2.55
I need to live near a large body of water (ocean or lake). 250
I am a good test taker. 240
I recognize when I'm being marketed to. 240

Unhealthy items | Offbeat factor score / Depressive factor score
I am compelled to be unconventional. 622/158
I do things differently. 596/182
The typical, ordinary way feels like a betrayal of myself. 595/229
I go against current practices. 583/185
My identity is very much about being different/strange/mysterious compared to the majority. 565/244
It is difficult for me to comply with social rules. 550/300
I greatly appreciate strangeness. 546/162
I want to alter society. 546/157
I am a slave to danger. 538/255
I am weird. 530/300
There are no paths currently in existence or that have ever existed that would make me happy, so I have to forge my own. 517/400
I invent my own standards. 515/164
I am a slave to the unknown. 495/244
Being 'normal' isn't authentic. 483/182
I behave eccentrically. 468/291
have magical thoughts. 426/219
I enjoy ripping away layer after layer of social reality. 450/232
I don't value the laws and customs of a society. 440/420
I want to be different from my world. 432/303
My identity is based on my ability to change who I am. 417/287
Limits annoy me. 410/210
I like difficult people. 410/205
My thinking or speaking style is extremely unusual. 406/247
My identity is very much about being different/strange/mysterious compared to the majority. 399/247
I don't prioritize trying new things. 394/282
I require little sleep. 390/195
I get totally lost in my interests. 375/258
I use obscure words. 370/270
I enjoy getting minimal rest. 367/181
I am mysterious. 362/360
I am drawn to mysterious people. 360/285
I want a different level of existence. 347/413
I'm preoccupied with how authentic/true to myself or not authentic/not true to myself I am. 345/177
I am complex. 335/182
I'm an outlier. 327/335
I can't sleep for nights on end but I remain active during the daytime. 327/214
I find it difficult to complacently accept the 'what'. 342/197
I require little down time. 320/144
I require little sleep. 318/157
I am a contrarian. 312/236
The things I'm most interested in, no one else is. 286/423
Most people would be happier if they didn't live like people do in my culture. 282/447
I am impressed by people more unconventional than me. 280/181
The things I want to achieve are not possible by current understanding. 270/370
My culture is backward compared to most other cultures. 268/248
I do not believe in god. 260/290
I'd rather ask/know someone's worst qualities than their best. 260/250
There is an enormous freedom in realizing everything is empty and meaningless. 248/521
People don't understand me. 230/560
I take pleasure in solitary activities 230/280
I hate how safe my life is. 216/400
I make and then break off friendships faster than anyone I know. 210/490
I'm unlikely to pursue a life path if I know what the outcome will be. 208/160
I have great difficulty establishing and maintaining close relationships with others because I'm so weird. 200/600
The self is an illusion. 197/405
If I spend too much time with friends, I feel less satisfied with life. 190/390
External serenity is overrated. 180/214
I'm intentionally living a lower quality life (by my own standards) even though I could live a higher quality one. 170/370
I don't have health insurance. 160/180
I hate how conventional my life is. 158/554
I love death. 153/524
The system is stacked against people like me. 151/526

*for a low score assume the opposite of the above. the descriptions listed here are made up of personality items. people who scored high on this type scored higher on the above items compared to the average. (more info on construction)
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